Set Up Team

Leader: Diego Dancil
Description: Are you reading this while sitting down on a bench in the Anza Trail Cafeteria? (Probably). Have you ever been to a Sunday morning worship service in the Anza Trail Cafeteria? (Definitely). That wouldn’t have been possible without our set up team! We transform a school cafeteria into a place where you, and hundreds of others, come to experience and worship God on a weekly basis. 
Ideal interests: Being awesome. 
Time Commitment:
1 Sunday a month. 7-9am and 12-1pm. 
Requirements/Skills: Are you able to move tables, set up curtains, and put up signs? That’s pretty much the only requirement. 


Greeting Team

Leader: Nancy Packman
Description: Imagine walking into a new church and being greeted with a huge smile and a friendly “good morning!” multiple times before you even found a seat. Our greeters are the first experience guests have when visiting and set the tone for the entire service. Join us in creating an incredible first impression!
Ideal interests: People. Smiling. Handing bulletins out. Friendly conversation. 
Time Commitment: 1 Sunday a month. 9:10-9:40 and 10:40-11:10. 
Requirements/Skills: The ability to smile, shake hands, and say “good morning”. 


Info Table Team

Leader: Chris Wear
Description: Where can you find out the latest information on what’s going on at Common Ground?  Info table is one of those places.  Our Info Team is there to answer questions about any upcoming events and general information about the church.
Ideal interests: People. Smiling. Talking about the church & its upcoming events.
Time Commitment:  1 Sunday a month – either before, between, or after services.
Requirements/Skills:  The ability to warmly share what’s going with newcomers and regular attenders. Must be super friendly!


Hospitality Team

Leader: Michelle Roosma
Description: Can you imagine a Sunday morning without coffee?? Be a part of the team that creates a welcoming environment every Sunday morning by providing beverages for CG ministers and guests! 
Ideal interests: Food or drinks. Or both. Or neither. We’re not picky.  
Time Commitment: 1 Sunday a month. Roughly 3.5 hours. 
Requirements/Skills: The ability to buy creamer and mints and put it out on Sunday morning by 9:15.