Prayer Team

Leader: Chris Scheopner
Description: Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” Join us in the greater work. Interceding on behalf of our friends, family, community and country. 
Ideal interests: Praying. 
Requirements/Skills: No skills needed. Come pray with us! 


Meals Team

Leader: Josie Buck
Description: Looking for a tangible way to help those in need? Sign up to be put on a list to provide meals to families during times of crisis or grief, or who are welcoming a new child to their home. 
Ideal interests: Cooking. 
Time Commitment: However long it takes you to prepare a meal and deliver it!
Requirements/Skills: The ability to cook, or buy food for families. 


small group Leaders

Leader: Andy Murry
Description:  A large percentage of people who attend Common Ground also attend a weekly Outpost (small group).  This is a great opportunity to connect with other people and dig deeper into understanding how the Bible empowers our lives.  This is a growing area of our church and we are always looking for new leaders.
Ideal Interests: Teaching/facilitating & hosting
Time Commitment:  A few hours per week
Requirements/Skills:  The ability to open your home to others and facilitate conversation pertaining to a small group curriculum