Worship Team

Leader: Ben Goheen
Description: Are you a vocalist or a musician? The CG Worship Team is a group of musicians who love God and desire to worship him with our musical gifts. We have the privilege of going to God and taking others with us every Sunday morning!
Ideal interests: Playing or singing music.
Time Commitment: Varies. 
Requirements/Skills: The ability to play an instrument. Auditions are required. 


Tech Team

Leader: David Wadsworth
Description: Would you like to be a worship leader, but have no musical ability? Don’t fret. We’ve got the ministry for you! Our technology team works to create a distraction free and dynamic worship service every Sunday so we can experience God together!
Ideal interests: Technology. Graphics. Sound or Lights. Videos. 
Time Commitment: Varies
Requirements/Skills: The ability to press buttons. And the commitment to learning the rest (in other words, we’ll train you)!


Drama Team

Leader: Bob Leigh
Description: Got drama? We mean the acting kind. Like theater. Very few things can connect with and engage people like live drama can. Join our team that helps bring God’s principals and Truth to life during our Sunday morning services.
Ideal Interests: Acting. Set design. Writing. 
Time Commitment: Varies. 
Requirements/Skills: Some kind of background in theater is ideal, but not necessar